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Special occasion and party dresses

in pastel colors for your little princess

Looking for something different and completely unique?  You are in the right place, we will spoil you with gorgeous dresses for your littles!  Our one-of-a-kind pieces evoke romance and elegance with a modern twist! Handmade from soft Italian tulle, easy to take care of, and can be washed by in the machine! What can be better for busy moms?! No need for dry cleaning and special care.

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Modern princess dress

When elegance and sophistication meet playfulness!

You can always recognize Spoiled Me creations with their soft colors and contrasting details. Old romanticism with a modern twist evokes in each handmade piece. Spoiled Me collections are inspired by dreams of dressing up and having fun with clothes and styles. Stunning dresses for special occasions for little girls, EID celebrations, weddings, and parties, and for the days when your little angel wants to become a princess!

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