One for One!

One for one!

We are so excited to annonce our big news! From now on, for every dress we sell, we donate one for the girls in need in the area, where dress is sold.  It was always my dream to help children, who are not so fortune. There are so many places in the world, where children do not have safe home, loving parents, toys and even clean water. If we all contribute little by little, we can all make a change. Therefore, Spoiled Me will give away a dress of our choice to the girls or a single donation to SOS children village in Denmark on behalf of your name. We all want to help to our community and that is why we decided to help to the children in your area, so it can be close to your heart. You may wonder how can dress help in the difficult life of small girls? But our life consists of small sparkling moments, which make it all different. A beautiful dress will bring joy and happy moment to the little girl, it will bring certainty that dreams may come true and something big and significant is ahead of them! You will bring hope of a better life and that everything will be all right! Help us to make a change and bring more joy and happiness to everyone around us! With Love, Anna Christiansen!



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