You are good enough!

You are good enough!

1 February 2019

Welcome everyone to my first blog post! I am happy that you found time to read it. And it is not about fashion, dresses and parties. Today I want to talk about our, adults, and our kids’ problem that I have personally faced and saw so many times.  Do you know this feeling, when you want to please everyone? when you want everyone to be happy and everybody to like you? Guess what, you are not alone! I saw it so many times in myself and even more in kids… I could see how they struggle to please all their friends, to be better or to be the same as everybody else! You feel safer and more comfortable, when you are the same. But it does not mean that it will make us happy. Different is brilliant, different is outstanding and memorable! I always teach my kids and saying to myself that I am, they are good enough! They are good as they are! We should remember to do what we like and not what everybody else likes!

When you are happy, everyone else around us will be happy as you vibrate with joy and happiness! You will attract wonderful people and possibilities into your life by radiating your confidence. We are all good enough, we are all one of kind and all have something special inside us.

To tell you a funny story from my life, well it was not funny for many years. But now I learnt to laugh from it. I am originally from Ukraine and live in Denmark for many years. But I still have a strong accent in my Danish and my English languages, you know this East -European special accent. I was always ashamed of it. I always thought that everyone else is better than me and it is best for me do not say anything at all, so nobody can hear my accent. I remember one person laugh from me during my student times: oh, your Ukrainian English.  It took me long time to accept that I cannot change the way how I talk. It took me long time to push myself to get out of my box and start acting and enjoying my life. Today I am laughing from my accent and making jokes.

Today I am happy with the person, whom I became. I know I am good enough. But I wasted to many years of thinking that everybody else are better than me.  I want you and our children to feel good about themselves, as we are good enough!  Even if we are different! I want you all enjoy and get all, what we can from our life! We all deserve love and happiness!

With love,




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