Kid´s Party Planning

Throwing a Kids’ Party? And don´t know where to start? 

Here are some tips to make it easy to organize and make it a real celebration of the year!

We all know how stressful t may be to organize any party. We always want to make it perfect and memorable for our children, their friends, and family.  We made 10 steps guide for you to complete this task easily!

  1. Set a Budget and stick to it. You can over-spend very fast when it comes to our kids as we want them to have the best on this special day!  
  2. Pick a Date. Make sure it works for closer friends and there are no events in school, sports activities to avoid any disappointments of not havening best friends and family at the party. 
  3. Make To-Do Lists with dates, when each task shall be accomplished. 
  4. Decide whether you want to use your home, be outside or book a venue. 
  5. Select a Theme that is exciting and very close for your child, not just looking cute. You can find inspiration in sports activity, movies they watch, or toys they like now.  
  6. Create a guest list- for school kids invite all boys or girls to avoid any hurt feelings of somebody not being invited. 
  7. Choose a Time that works for your child, when they should not nap or too tied. Keep it short! For older kids, it is enough with a max of 3 hours as too many kids at the one-time field with sugar can make it difficult for you to manage.   
  8. Serve classic food that all kids like. Pizza, cakes, and ice cream are always a hit! 
  9. Prepare activities in advance so you can keep your party going! Freeze dance, craft stations that fit your theme will work nicely for any party! 
  10. Choose an outfit for your birthday angel in advance! Dresses from Spoiled Me will be magical touch to make your little angel a real star of the party! 

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