3 Tips on becoming a best version of yourself!

3 Tips from our founder Anna Christiansen on becoming a best version of yourself!

I hope my advice will help you making changes in your life and get most of it! I want to inspire other women to be confident and be the best version of themselves not for somebody else, but for themselves!  I don´t want us to look back and regret, what we could do and didn´t have time or courage to do that! As life is so short and we all deserve to have it all!

 1. Take care of yourself and make it a priority!

I honestly believe that we shall take a proper care of ourselves!  Our health and well being are so important! Nobody needs a sick mommy or wife; you can not be there for your family if you do not feel good. You cannot enjoy your life if you are sick.  I struggled with IBS pain on a regular basis that was caused by stress and not knowing how to do it right- to live a healthy life! I thought I did it right! I ate my veggies and made my fitness routine 5 days per week and I still felt sick. I was exhausted till the end of the working day by the pain in my stomach, I couldn´t be with my kids and husband as I had no energy for them. Thanks God, I found Yalda from www.eatburnsleep.com! She changed my life! I followed her advice by living low-inflammatory lifestyle and I got my life back!  What helped me:

  • Sleeping routine from 22.00-05.30
  • Everyday walks 8000-10 000 steps per day
  • Eating right (gluten-dairy-grain free): proteins in the morning, raw veggies with protein for lunch , cooked good carbs-veggies with some light protein for the dinner, avoid snacks between meals
  • Gentle training (Yoga/Pilates) 2-3 times per week to avoid inflammatory in my body

 2. Schedule your day-week-month!

We are all busy with our everyday work, kids’ activities and many other things that are going on in our life. I made a change in my life by starting to schedule things that I want to happen, otherwise I can never find time for them. I prioritize my health and family time and always schedule time for it. I plan everything: my yoga time, my walks, meditation, when I make my groceries and call to my parents, otherwise you forget or get distracted and never find time for yourself. I always write down things that I want to achieve for one month, then I break it into the weeks and days. I usually check every weekend if I am on schedule with my plans and keep myself accountable.

3. Start being present

Whether we are trying to be a past version of ourselves that weighed 10 kg less, had more energy, a better job, etc. or living in the shadows of a negative experience or poor choice from decades ago, the past can hold us back from experiencing the joy of the present and striving for a better life in the future. It can be tough to break free from either scenario. Some things that have helped me to live in the present, while striving for a better tomorrow, include everyday walks outside, writing down my gratitude list every evening before I go to bed, and visualizing whom, I want to be in 1 year.

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